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Do you have a product that is in theory a fantastic idea, but just cannot find the most cost-efficient means of producing it? Jay’s Packaging is the elite product procurement packaging company that can provide you with the guidance and knowledge needed to take your product line from ideas to tangible goods faster than the rest. We have specialized in product procurement for over thirty years, serving just about every possible industry you can imagine. Call us to speak to a procurement expert and turn your ideas into reality.

For the companies that have bulk items that need to be either manufactured or simply arranged for shipment, we are your one stop shop for product packaging. Jay's Packaging can supply the materials and labor to prepare these items for proper shipment.

From line set up to product inventory and proper packaging, our packaging industry specialists can supply wholesale shipping supplies, discount shipping boxes, wholesale shipping boxes, cardboard and corrugated boxes, shipping crates and freight shipping.

The ability to supply all items that may be needed for packaging and shipping, put us a step above other packaging companies.

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